Collingwood—an intersection of people and place

Long known as Fitzroy’s grittier neighbour, Collingwood has now emerged as one of Melbourne’s most sought-after addresses to live, work and play.  A thriving precinct of culture, creativity and community, its gradual gentrification has carved it out as an address of choice for a growing number of inspiring brand head offices — like Aesop, T2 Tea, Providoor, Canva, Lululemon and Broadsheet —all wanting their teams to be surrounded by the creativity and innovation so concentrated in this small postcode.

The locus of creative inspiration and production is often associated with the dynamism of the inner city, and there’s no place quite as dynamic as Collingwood.  Once a true working-class suburb that wore its colourful urban past with pride, the steady flow of boutique galleries, designer retail and quality cafés, bars and restaurants combined with the permeation of designer office spaces have helped to reinvent Collingwood as the vibrant precinct for which it is now renowned.

“We want 116 Rokeby to attract people who thrive in creative and innovative spaces, so it becomes known as the design, construction and property hub of Collingwood.”– Joe Grasso, Founder and Managing Director, Figurehead

LOCATION is a key drawcard to attract and retain talent in 2023 who will leave their work-from-home comforts for the lifestyle of the office destination. When developing their future HQ, 116 Rokeby, Figurehead chose the Inner North to create a “design, property and construction hub;” aimed at creating a professional community within the boutique office building.

With a rich history of art and creativity that dates back to the early 20th century, Collingwood was once home to many factories and warehouses that provided artists with large and affordable spaces to work in.  This history has helped shape the suburb’s artistic identity that still exists today, and it’s because of this tangible identity that many creative industries like design, architecture, advertising and development choose Collingwood as their base. 

“Looking at Collingwood as a space and place that has shape shifted from being something grungy to more sophisticated, we have designed a building that brings premium to Collingwood.”– Rebecca Trenorden, Associate Director, Carr

Smith Street, Collingwood

Located in a burgeoning enclave of Collingwood, 116 Rokeby is a direct response to the growing demand amongst young creatives looking for a work locale that is at once inspiring and central.  Urban yet connected to nature. Future-focussed yet calming.  A workplace that is intertwined with life outside of work.  Following on the heels of Cremorne and South Yarra as sought-after destinations for commercial office spaces outside of the CBD, this premium Collingwood position has been deeply considered as a creative community of the future; one that also pays homage to its vibrant past. 

“116 Rokeby is a real benchmark project for Collingwood.  It’s a city shaping project that will make huge contributions to Collingwood as it continues to evolve and gentrify.” – Vicky Grillakis, Urbis Town Planning Consultants

At a glance:


  • Collingwood has a population just over 9,300 people, with the largest cohort aged between 25 and 34
  • 62% of the population are professional couples
  • It has a projected population of 17,500 by 2041 – an 81.91% growth


  • 75% of Collingwood residents work.  Of these, 66% work full-time and nearly 50% work professionally


  • 54% of residents over 15 have a Bachelor degree or higher


  • There are over 360 cafes, restaurants and bars in Collingwood.  
  • Collingwood is the 9th most walkable postcode in Melbourne.  On average, people can walk to 19 cafes, bars or restaurants in 5 minutes.
  • In 2021, Smith Street Collingwood was named as the World’s Coolest Street in a poll of 27,000 people.

*Sources: ABS 2021 and

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